Website : Automated Paydays Official
Creator : Jamie Shaw
Cost : $39

Automated Paydays
is yet another online marketing solution by creator Jamie Shaw, and it's suppose to help all levels of entrepreneurs get to a brand new start within their internet business.

is it  simply another bogus IM product that wont allow you to make any money back from your investment? ?

Let us uncover the truth right now!

I put together my honest review of Automated Paydays right here...
PictureAutomated Paydays Members Area
What does the membership come with?

The system is laid out in a way that makes it easy to keep track of where your at, and move through at a steady pace.
There are 3 steps to being with.

Start by creating your website -

  1. You need to know how to pick keywords because this is the foundation of your site.
  2. Get the most out of your effort by targeting hungry niches that pay!
  3. search optimization to drive tons of traffic

Get some traffic flowing -

There's a vault which contains a lot of info on creating traffic and that means you can begin creating cash from that new website you just put together. If you follow the training videos there is hope for you!

It's those people that expect results for no effort that get no where.

Get some cash flowing -

Now you turn on the cash switch. This is where you pull out the whole toolbox and get to work so you can pull the most profits from this one website. Everything you can imagine is covered like video marketing, list building, traffic getting, and everything else you need to get a rock solid foundation. But again, this will take time and effort.

Is it a huge rip off or what?

  1. Plenty of video clips and coaching modules - If you're looking for content and training then this is the right system for you. Sometimes I feel there is just too much for a new marketer to handle. So take your time as you go through this training!
  2. Get that traffic - This is a huge section and the only thing that is discussed is traffic. This includes seo, ppc, articles, guest blogs, and everything else you can think to get tons more traffic.
  3. PLR - Start using PLR in your business because it is a huge time saver for content and freebie giveaways on squeeze pages. Don't worry if you don't know what the heck i'm talking about. This will be covered too!
  4. Wordpress - Another huge benefit for us marketers because it saves time, and time is money. Plus, it is made to rank well and has tons of free plugins. Start harnessing the whole power of that site with this training section.

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